B_CGroup13-min.jpgBack Row:  Steve Horrell III - Registered Associate, Mari Buckman Gregory - Administrative Associate, Joshua Dixon - Registered Associate, Kathleen Wilson - Operations Manager, Danny Comforti - Financial Advisor, Tory Thompson - Registered Associate.  Front Row:  Erin Hall, Client Associate, Glen Katz - CMT®, Vice President of Investments, Nicole Corning - CFP®, AIF®, CRPC®  - Partner,  Perry Buckman AIF®, CRPC® - Partner, President, and Karen Doering - Sr. Registered Branch Administration Associate.
Individual Wealth Management

We know it’s not easy for investors to build a trusted relationship with advisors they can count on. That’s why our advice is straightforward and honest, grounded in our planning experience and a goals-driven approach. And we are proud to provide something beyond this measurable benefit — genuine concern for the well-being of our clients and their families.

Our best ideas come from collaboration

Our thinking is independent and unbiased and never based on industry consensus. Though we have a defined process, each member of the team is an out-of-the box thinker who provides innovation to your portfolio strategy. We will weigh both sides of an issue with you, and help you understand what opportunities — and risks — each option may present. It really comes down to practicing what we’ve learned over many years and having an exceptional understanding of how wealth works and succeeds — across generations.

Your uniquely tailored plan drives our consistent investment process

First, we will focus on your custom-crafted Envision® plan developed from an in-depth discovery of you, your needs, and your current and future goals. We’ll then put your strategy to work, diligently following all investment guidelines and risk parameters. We will revisit and update your plan to reflect any changes in your circumstances that may occur over time. As financial advisors working with you for the long-term, we seek balance and consistency in portfolios that can help you get where you need to go with the least amount of risk.

Corporate Retirement Plans*

We work with employers to help manage retirement plan risk through a myriad of plan issues. After carefully understanding the objectives of your organization, we will help evaluate optimal plan design, perform objective reviews of plan providers, prepare comprehensive investment agnostic fee and performance benchmarking reports, conduct investment committee meetings and provide documentation to support the reviews. For participants, we will help you develop best practices to encourage a higher likelihood of participant success.

*Please Note: Financial professionals cannot provide "investment advice" or otherwise act as an ERISA fiduciary with respect to plan sponsors or plan participants. This includes advising any plan sponsor about the appropriate investment products to be made available in the plan, or advising plan participants about individual asset allocation among the investments. They may provide approved general investment education materials and objective factual information, such as performance data, to help plan sponsors and participants make their own independent investment decisions. Wells Fargo Advisors does not act as a fiduciary and does not provide tax or legal advice. However, we will be glad to work with you, your accountant, tax advisor and or lawyer to help you meet your financial goals.