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Retirement Plans

“Structure is essential in building anything that thrives”

We are relentless in our questioning of the conventional wisdom about global economies and the market. Our approach melds data-driven analysis with human insight as we search for the best investment opportunities across a complex landscape of geographies, sectors, asset classes and strategies.

Plan Design

Is your retirement plan designed to generate optimal participant outcomes and control? Retirement plans are as diverse as the companies they serve. We will review your current plan to help determine if your specific needs and objectives are being met through the current design, or if we can provide optional solutions.

The Fiduciary Experience

As the plan sponsor of your qualified retirement benefit, you are a fiduciary. According to the Department of Labor, plan sponsors are required to have a “prudent expert” responsible for their retirement plan. Our team will help you reduce your fiduciary liability by providing regular reviews, benchmarking, and updates regarding public policy and industry litigation.

Vendor Analysis

Has your company outgrown your plan provider? It is important for the trustee(s) to periodically compare the current plan provider. We will create a detailed plan vendor comparison for you to help ensure you have a suitable plan in place for your company and your participants.

Plan Fees And Expenses

The plan fees and expenses will be benchmarked and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are competitive within the industry, relative to the plan size. We believe in complete fee transparency at the plan sponsor and participant levels and believe the value of those fees needs to be apparent to the trustees.

Investment Portfolio

An important responsibility of the plan is to offer a portfolio of investment options that cover the major asset classes, styles, and categories. Many times, investment managers, styles, risks, and expenses change over time, which can result in warning signs within the portfolio. Our process utilizes analytical and reporting software for the management of investment decisions, which includes a fiduciary score, asset allocation optimizer, and investment analyzer from a neutral third party. We share our findings and offer recommendations with the trustees of the plan.


After Our Review You Should:

  • Have a clear understanding of your fiduciary responsibilities and ways to help reduce your liability.
  • Understand the value of a written investment policy statement, education policy statement and committee charter.
  • Understand your investment options, fees and investment performance against quantitative and qualitative criteria.
  • Understand if your plan is optimally designed based on your priorities.
  • Hear and see our observations and recommendations of best practices to move forward.



Does your current advisor provide practical and meaningful tools for your participants to elicit better outcomes?

When investors fail to plan, their plan may fail. Pathlight Advisors believes a retirement plan is successful when it promotes the retirement readiness of participants in a retirement plan.


The Importance of Participant Education

We provide group education and provide ample time for one-on-one meetings for individual participants to understand what is available and what steps should be considered as the participant navigates their working years towards retirement.

We provide live webinars on financial basis, market volatility, Social Security, Medicare, income in retirement, age-based planning and more. We can provide on-site workshops through an affiliate.
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Educational Resources For You

These engaging, short animations focus on a variety of financial topics and illustrate key financial concepts and current events. Choose any of the videos below and then click the start arrow to watch.