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Institution Experience

“Structure is essential in building anything that thrives”

Whether you are managing an endowment, a charitable trust, or corporate cash account, our team at Pathlight can help you direct and grow your organization’s assets with strategic planning and custom financial solutions tailored for your specific needs.
Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

Is your retirement plan designed to generate optimal participant outcomes and control? Retirement plans are as diverse as the companies they serve. We will review your current plan to help determine if your specific needs and objectives are being met through the current design, or if we can provide optional solutions.


Welcome to our dedicated page for corporate accounts. At Pathlight, we understand that managing corporate assets can be complex, and requires a specialized approach. Our comprehensive style of management will provide your company with focused service to ensure your strategy is aligned with your business goals. Our team will support you in managing, and maximizing on, your surplus cash while carefully considering potential exposure to risk.


We believe in providing intention and transparency in our strategic planning to ensure you are informed about your foundation’s capital and performance. The Pathlight team will help you construct and enact a method to make the most of your resources while carefully considering the good governance necessary to manage your foundation's assets. Partner with us to nurture your foundation's monetary health and longevity.


At Pathlight, we are well-versed in the long-term growth-focused strategies that you must employ to align your accounts with your endowment’s mission. Our team at Pathlight can help facilitate the preservation of your endowment’s capital and focus on the long-term appreciation of assets to support the prosperity of your endowment. We have the knowledge to help ensure your endowment is well-structured and governed with care.

The Fiduciary Experience

As the plan sponsor of your qualified retirement benefit, you are a fiduciary. According to the Department of Labor, plan sponsors are required to have a “prudent expert” responsible for their retirement plan. Our team will help you reduce your fiduciary liability by providing regular reviews, benchmarking, and updates regarding public policy and industry litigation.